Friday, March 6, 2015

Hello! It's nice to meet you!

Hello and welcome to my blog! 

I've been thinking about making one for a long time and today seemed like the perfect day (at 8:08pm on a Friday of course). I am a Japanese fashion enthusiast. I enjoy dressing in Lolita fashion and I have slowly been branching into Otome. I haven't been wearing jfashion for too long (maybe 3 years?) but since I first started buying clothes, so much has happened! I made a ton of friends, went to many events, and of course, got cuter things to wear.

My preferred styles are more towards the classic/sweet side of things. I love wearing chocolate prints and berets! Definitely berets! My blog will probably consist of many chocolate-y things. I have quite a sweet-tooth! My favorite brand right now is Angelic Pretty, especially their more classic styles.

Anyway, I hope you come check my stuff out! Feel free to call me Gnars. ;)

I love chocolate! Did I mention I love chocolate?

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  1. Super happy that you made a blog ! I always love your outfits, I can't wait to see more~