Friday, March 6, 2015

Angelic Pretty Release: Dream Marine

Tonight was the release of Dream Marine, an aquatic-themed Angelic Pretty print that has been highly anticipated since the AP tea party/fashion show in December of last year. My friend and I were attempting to grab a few pieces and have been eyeing it since the photos went public. Even though I have an exact amount of zero aquatic-themed things to match with this, I decided to jump for the skirt in white since I thought it was the cutest style and I plan to wear it more casually. 

Fell in love with the white skirt from the preview!

In anticipation, we attempted to guess the popularity of the release and which colorways would sell out first. I believed the white and navy would be the most popular. Since it is an AP chiffon release, we thought it would sell quickly, but not as fast as other releases that have come out recently. Boy, was it a mad house!

When the website stocked, it was lagging page after lagging page. Based on the front page, AP stocked the op, jsk, skirt, headbow, tights, and crew socks. After the first few tries, I was able to snag my skirt. I tried again for the socks and as of right now, I have no idea if I got them or not. My payment page kept giving me errors, so crossing my fingers it all goes well! From what I saw, the op was the first to sell out, followed by the jsk and skirt. The most popular colors were white and navy, followed by sax and lavender. Then, the website pretty much died and was unresponsive for a few hours. AP put up a maintenance post until it the store page came back up again.

When my stuff does come in, I'll have some pictures up. I was so glad I was able to get something from the release. This will be my first AP chiffon print. I'm eyeing another AP spring release and I hope that one isn't as crazy as this one!

Edit: I got my socks! Luckily they didn't sell out when the site came back up. They didn't get entered into my cart those other times so I'm glad the site gave me a third chance at them!

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